6 July 2019

The analysis of “funded price” offers in Spain: autobiz’ exclusive offer

In Spain transparency of online given car valuations is affected by the increase of online valuations given based on signing a financing project. As this phenomenon is gaining momentum, autobiz decided to apply its knowledge on advanced big data methods and its experience to offer real market value.

For several months now, a wave of this new valuation type has appeared on the Spanish online UC market, as a so-called “funded price” offer. Classified ads feature vehicles at a price lower than their actual value, including promised discounts. But these prices and discounts are subject to a financing contract with the franchised dealer.

Due to our daily market analysis, nearly 35 % of classifieds in Spain are already affected by this new method of pricing.

Some local websites, including Autocasion and Coches.net, have recently upgraded their platform to make classifieds announcing “funded price” offers more visible. Nevertheless, there is no obligation to be transparent, professionals remain free to indicate whether or not each price is linked to financing project or not. Our data shows that less than 20% of classifieds with “funded price” offers are clearly identified as such online.

On the Spanish market since 2012 with more than 500 UC clients, autobiz had to propose a solution to continue to guarantee transparency and to offer real market values. After months of work, our Research & Development teams have created a new, sustainable and efficient solution.

This solution is based on an AI learning program developed to 100% by our teams. Thanks to syntax recognition rules incorporated by our data scientists, the program recognizes “funded price” classifieds and proposes new rules which our analysts validate according to the evolution of the practice.

autobiz is thus the only market player in Spain to identify ‘funded price’ offers, if indicated online, and real UC prices of the 5 biggest Spanish platforms (Autoscout24, Autocasion, Coches.net, Vibbo and Milanuncios).

This unique development from autobiz reflects true market values of advertised vehicles and sustains transparency so that our customers get the most out of their pre-owned ads.

With this decision and evolution of its platform, autobiz demonstrates its ability to adapt to the particularity of each of the 23 European countries in which it provides market values.

About autobiz

Since 2004, autobiz has been supporting all European players in the automotive industry with trade-in solutions. This support is based on 20 years of data history as well as web, software, and the business know-how of the company’s 280 employees. Today based in La Défense (92), autobiz also has offices in Berlin, Valencia (Spain) and Milan. autobiz assists more than 20 leaders in used remarketing (manufacturers, bankers, leasers, bidders…) as well as 5,000 points-of-sale in 22 countries across Europe.

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