Your market – our know-how!

Whatever sector you operate in, we can help you make smarter decisions.


With data from the 22 largest countries in Europe, autobiz currently supports the 10 largest manufacturers on the continent.


More than 5,000 car and truck dealers across Europe have signed up for our autobizOffice solution for their valuation and trade-in business.

Auctions and remarketing companies

Since 2007, autobiz has been optimising its service delivery daily for 10 of the largest remarketing players in Europe.

Short- and long-term rental

Seven of Europe’s largest rental companies use autobiz to calculate their residual value and run their remarketing activities.

Banking, Finance, Insurance

Since 2016, autobiz has adopted its big data know-how to the needs of the 8 largest banking and insurance players in the automotive sector.

Market place and Internet pure players

autobiz is the world’s leading provider of market data and consultancy to the top 20 classified ads players in the world.

Investment funds and consulting companies

Investment decisions, online car or property market or developments, price trends and volumes: for their projects, the 10 largest market players call on autobiz.