5 June 2024

autobiz is launching its BEV Report, the first analysis and monitoring tool dedicated to the Battery Electric Vehicle market

At a time when all eyes are turning to electric vehicles, autobiz, the European expert in automotive valuation and big data, is once again positioning itself as a forerunner in the industry. Today, autobiz is officially unveiling its ‘BEV Report’, a dynamic tool enabling manufacturers, leasers, and distributors, across 22 European countries and on a monthly basis, to better anticipate the underlying trends and weak signals of a rapidly structuring second-hand electric vehicle market.

An essential tool for positioning oneself in an emerging and changing market

If there’s one sector that professionals are currently focusing their attention on, it’s the used Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) market. Used electric vehicles, which were non-existent until 2020, now account for more than 10% of all vehicles under 4 years old sold on the Internet in countries like the UK, Germany or France.

What’s more, this vehicle category, more than any other in fact, is sensitive to manufacturers’ strategic choices (battery range, pricing policy), political decisions (national, European, as well as international subsidies and regulations), and economic uncertainties (cost of key raw materials, purchasing power, etc.). These complex movements are already having a significant impact on prices, which are much more volatile for BEVs than for internal combustion engine vehicles.

Finally, this growing market is also directly impacted by a fundamental consumer trend: European customers are increasingly turning to the use rather than the ownership of their vehicles. For second-hand vehicles, the pricing of monthly instalments is therefore also becoming ever more strategic for dealers and manufacturers.

  • Thus, it was essential to be able to provide automotive industry professionals with a dedicated analysis and monitoring tool for this market segment, whose dynamics are so different from those of the UC combustion-engine market.
  • Based on autobiz’s recognised expertise and know-how in setting up mega databases and updating them daily, the BEV Report is designed to be the most reliable, responsive, and transparent solution on the market. Consequently, the aim is to guide manufacturers and distributors in their pricing positioning and strategies.

BEV Report: easy-to-read and transparent with indicators updated monthly

More specifically, autobiz has devised this new tool based on numerous KPIs that will permit its users, each month, to better foresee the fundamental patterns and weak signals of a second hand electrical market in full structuring, and in a maximum of 22 European countries via:

  • A global BEV market dashboard (for a complete market overview)
  • A detailed view of online stocks (to compare trends in BEV supply and demand per country, as well as by BEV make/model)
  • A comparison of the market values of BEV models over time and up to the present day (to position oneself with regards to the competition)
  • A focus on stock rotation (to estimate the sales speed of vehicles put online)
  • A comparison, by make and model, of the dynamics between used electric and used combustion-powered cars

The BEV report, which is updated monthly, covers vehicles that are less than 10 years old. This rhythm allows professionals to gauge, as closely as possible in relation to the reality on the ground, the movements of the markets in which they operate. As a result, this enables our clients to be as accurate and responsive as possible in their pricing strategy.

«We initially created this product for one of our manufacturer customers, drawing from our tried-and-tested analysis methods. Now deployed and used by several of our customers, the BEV Report has already proved its worth as a powerful tool for steering used BEV industry remarketing policies. Every day, our teams are working hard to improve our AI expertise so that we can offer ever more responsive, up-to-date and advanced indicators that can be adjusted to customer needs. », said Emmanuel Labi, President of autobiz.

About autobiz

Since 2004, autobiz has been supporting all European players in the automotive industry with trade-in solutions. This support is based on 20 years of data history as well as web, software, and the business know-how of the company’s 280 employees. Today based in La Défense (92), autobiz also has offices in Berlin, Valencia (Spain) and Milan. autobiz assists more than 20 leaders in used remarketing (manufacturers, bankers, leasers, bidders…) as well as 5,000 points-of-sale in 22 countries across Europe.

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