1 February 2024

Another success for autobizTrade: The autobizTrade platform – for used-car sales between professionals – closes 2023 with more than 20K sales to its credit (+33% compared with 2022)

The autobizTrade B2B used car platform, launched in 2021, continues to grow. 20,000 vehicles sold in 2023, as opposed to 15,000 in 2022. All the vehicles on offer – tailored to demand – come from the cash-to-consumer trade-in business generated by the autobiz.fr website. This has enabled autobizTrade to maintain its growth amidst a competitive used car market.

From sourcing to B2B resale, autobiz now offers private individuals the most comprehensive range of cash trade-in services on the market.

autobizTrade has reached a new milestone, achieving more than 20,000 sales in 2023, compared with 15,000 transactions in 2022, its first year of operation. All the vehicles (aged between 5 and 10 years) advertised on the platform come from the cash-to-consumer business generated by the autobiz.fr website. This business has been boosted by the digitalisation of the buying-and-selling process and by the growth in the number of remote trade-ins. Despite a more complicated market, this type of supply continues to rise. Launched on a large scale in 2021, this type of acquisition accounted for 40% of volumes in 2023. From a buyer’s perspective, autobiz manages to adapt to the needs of each professional. They can choose to handle the appointments of private sellers generated by the autobiz.fr website themselves, and/or buy vehicles traded-in by autobiz from private individuals on the autobizTrade platform.

autobizTrade is maintaining its growth in a tight used car market, thanks to a range of products tailored to demand.

Even though last year saw the used car market become anxious, due to a rise in stocks and lower demand which subsequently led to a fall in prices, autobizTrade’s growth has not slowed down. Why did this happen? The only dynamic used car category in 2023 concerned vehicles aged over 5 years old. Proposing vehicles for sale from cash-to-consumer, the platform offered vehicles that were particularly well suited to demand. In fact, 80% of them were aged between 6 and 11 years old. And on average, they had 100,000 km on the clock and a resale market value of €11,000.

“With autobizTrade, we offer used cars from 5-10 years old, and from 70,000-150,000kms, that remain just as attractive as ever for our clients. With more than 2,000 UCs presented each month, our customers have access to a considerable choice of brands, models, and engine types, which meet their expectations”

Cédric Di Luca, Managing Director of EasyReprise (an autobiz subsidiary operating a cash for trade-in business service in France)

About autobiz

Since 2004, autobiz has been supporting all European players in the automotive industry with trade-in solutions. This support is based on 20 years of data history as well as web, software, and the business know-how of the company’s 280 employees. Today based in La Défense (92), autobiz also has offices in Berlin, Valencia (Spain) and Milan. autobiz assists more than 20 leaders in used remarketing (manufacturers, bankers, leasers, bidders…) as well as 5,000 points-of-sale in 22 countries across Europe.

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