3 February 2021

New at Manheim Express: Market price determination with autobiz

Trade with a clear conscience: In cooperation with autobiz, an online market price determination now supplements the functional scope of the Mannheim Express B2B auction platform. The quick value determination is carried out independently and in line with the market based on more than 2 million daily recorded market data.

Valuation Service - online market price determination

The integration of the Valuation Service makes price determination when marketing a vehicle even easier and more convenient. The autobiz vehicle valuation is based on the current used car values of the vehicles offered daily for sale on the Internet. The market value is determined from the offer prices on the websites of car manufacturers, dealers and vehicle exchanges and compared with the actual transaction prices.

More than 2 million pieces of market data recorded daily form the basis for a fast and independent value determination. The autobiz vehicle valuation determines and takes into account several parameters such as make, model, version, mileage, age, previous owner, number of vehicles on the market, etc… On this basis, the dealer receives a reliable vehicle price in line with the market in the shortest possible time, which they can simply adopt or use as a reference point for their own calculation.

With this function, Manheim Express starts at a point that is often associated with considerable time expenditure for the commercial dealer – the manual research of realistic market prices and current offers on the net.

The Valuation Service is a real problem-solver for our members. The function makes it possible to list considerably more vehicles in a much shorter time. Besides, the algorithm offers the security of having checked all relevant data on the net – the risk of overlooking something in a manual search is completely eliminated

Esher Unger, Head of Sales Manheim Express, explains the further advantages for registered dealers.

About autobiz

Since 2004, autobiz has been supporting all European players in the automotive industry with trade-in solutions. This support is based on 20 years of data history as well as web, software, and the business know-how of the company’s 280 employees. Today based in La Défense (92), autobiz also has offices in Berlin, Valencia (Spain) and Milan. autobiz assists more than 20 leaders in used remarketing (manufacturers, bankers, leasers, bidders…) as well as 5,000 points-of-sale in 22 countries across Europe.

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