Since its creation in 2004, autobiz has been committed to using the most advanced artificial intelligence to promote objective, data-based decision-making. The company's main customers include OEMs, distributors, rental companies, insurers and global e-commerce players.

Innovative technology

The autobiz valuation was created in 2004 to reflect true market prices. Since then, autobiz has processed nearly 15 billion daily, weekly or monthly new and used car values from over 350 data sources in 37 countries around the world.

Active research and development department

Every year, autobiz invests 15% of its turnover into R&D to maintain its technological edge. The company has been collaborating with researchers from the University of Paris-Sorbonne since 2010.

As of July 2020, the autobiz data team has 50 employees focused on our proprietary solutions in:

  • Machine learning (vehicle item recognition)

  • Big data (deduplication and data enrichment)

  • Algorithmics (predictive model on client statements)

  • Provision of data megasources (ETL, API, microservice)

autobiz also operates 20 car buying centres in France, where our new tools and data are intensively tested and perfected before being offered to our professional clients.

Markets covered

autobiz collects automotive, real estate and employment data for its clients in 37 countries on 5 continents.

We offer our consulting services to our key automotive accounts; our decision-making solution autobizMarket is used by automotive retail professionals in 23 European countries.

We also operate car buying sites in France and Spain under the autobiz brand.

Our autobiz websites, iFrame and web services are also offered as white-label products in the 23 European countries that we cover.


  • 2019 Extension of our solutions to Nissan and Volvo.

  • 2018 The price database built by autobiz exceeds 15 billion vehicles.

  • 2017 Signature of a strategic partnership with PSA Group.

  • 2016 Signature of a research partnership with Leaseplan.

  • 2015 Production of data for China, India and Brazil.

  • 2014 autobiz becomes a member of BPI France's Excellence community.

  • 2013 SystèmeVO becomes autobizMarket - European expansion of the business.

  • 2012 Diversification of data production in sectors other than the automotive industry.

  • 2011 The 100th partner joins the trade-in network.

  • 2010 Signature of a partnership contract with the University of Paris-Sorbonne as part of a joint research programme with the SAMM laboratory.

  • 2009 Entry into the capital of the Isatis Capital fund.

  • 2008 Opening of the Berlin office.

  • 2007 Launch of SystèmeVO, a tool dedicated to improving the commercial performance of used car dealers.

  • 2006 Start of data production in 7 European countries.

  • 2005 Opening of a data production centre in Tunis.

  • 2004 Foundation of the autobiz company by Christophe Louvard and Daniel Urbah. Creation of the first database of automobile distribution professionals.


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