autobiz – Product launch in Austria and Switzerland

autobiz has added two new countries to its portfolio of services for the professional used car industry. Car manufacturers, importers and dealers in Austria and Switzerland can now request access to all the features of autobizMarket, which offers a complete analysis of the current trade market for professionals to evaluate their own inventory and optimize decisions on the distribution of used cars online.

‘The platforms for both countries were developed in a very short timeframe’, declared Emmanuel Labi, CEO of autobiz SA. ‘Our IT development team in France and abroad has broken all records to deliver a product that delivers reliable values and meets all the needs of the small but important Austrian and Swiss markets. For example, is a trilingual website that quotes car values in Swiss francs, taking into account local taxes and the regional Swiss Kanton structure.’

There are also some similarities in the Swiss and Austrian markets: The Swiss automobile market comprises 4.5 million cars. In 2015, about 850,000 used cars were sold and 324,000 new vehicles were registered. In Austria, the market consists of 4.7 million cars; 816,000 used cars changed ownership in 2015 and 309,000 new cars were registered. In both countries, there are about 4,000 professional car dealers managing used car inventory.

With the product launch in Austria and Switzerland, the company has extended its business expertise in the field of automotive market intelligence to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Contact :
Jérôme Fondraz, Director of communications

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