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Each month, autobiz analyses data from over 350 internet sources in sectors that range from the automobile industry to real estate, job recruitment and even agricultural equipment. Our clients are major players in e-commerce, including automobile manufacturers and hedge funds. This business unit, based in Berlin, provides the benchmark for these various sectors in more than 30 countries.

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B2B Solutions

Since 2007, autobiz has provided car dealers with autobizMarket, a high-quality decision-making management tool. Available all over Europe, it is dedicated to used car professionals. autobizMarket gives them access to real-time market prices while improving the overall efficiency of their used car activities. The company has also created autobizExpert, a platform that enables both automobile experts and insurers to determine the replacement value of a vehicle.

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C2B Solutions

autobiz further applied its digital know-how in the launch of in 2010. This website targets car owners who want to sell to registered partners, and professionals who want to expand their used car sourcing. This service is now also available in Spain and Italy. The technology of this service is accessible to carmakers and dealer networks, either as a web service or a white label product, in France and abroad.

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