The only comprehensive database of advertisers on the Internet!

With over 330,000 automotive and real estate professionals in 37 countries worldwide, the autobiz databases are used by the sales teams of the world’s leading online classifieds companies and are powerful tools for:

Gaining new customers

autobiz identifies your competitors’ customers who are not yet active on your site, as well as their online behaviour for targeted campaigns and pitches.

Promoting upselling

Advertiser by advertiser, analyse key inventory data (number and type of ads) as well as baskets spent on each medium.

Smoothing integration into your systems

Before integration into your CRM, we match our data to your internal customer and prospect tables. Our specialised technical teams also support you at every stage of the integration of our data into your systems for perfect use by your teams.

+30% increase
in potential customers

on average during the 1st tool implementation

+50 data

business, financial, or marketing information thanks to the integration of our databases

40,000+ professionals

updated monthly

Discover our other solutions

We have concentrated our data and expertise into four solution categories

Vehicle valuation

Value your vehicles with the first European player to use big data, to evaluate the market transparently and objectively.

Physical and online trade-ins

Increase your point-of-sale visits and your margins with the European leader in the digitalisation and industrialisation of trade-in processes.

Supervision and stock targeting

For more than 15 years, autobiz has been providing professionals with dashboards allowing them to analyse their stocks on the Internet and in real time.

Market research

Calculate your market share through more than 15 billion classified ads collected since 2006 in 37 countries by big data and specialist research teams.