Manufacturers and importers

With its data from the 23 largest European countries, autobiz currently supports 8 of the 10 largest OEMs on the continent.

Lessors and auction services 

Since 2007, autobiz has been continuously optimising its services for the biggest remarketing players in Europe.

10 of the biggest lessors and bidders trust us with their pricing operations, risk valuation and targeting of the dealers to whom they sell their vehicles through our:


More than 4,500 new and used car distributors across Europe have subscribed to our autobizMarket portal.

This enables them to optimise their vehicle trade-in process, source their used vehicles directly from private individuals or dealers and optimise their online advertisements through our portal:


With the support of two of Europe's largest insurers and numerous automobile experts, autobiz has created a range of services dedicated to specialists in the sector since 2014.

In particular, our tools are focused on retaining policyholders, whether at the time of a claim or a vehicle change through:

Internet Marketplaces

autobiz is the world's leading provider of market data and advice to the world's largest players in the classified advertising industry.

By analysing ads and advertisers on more than 350 sites in 37 countries around the world, we support the 10 largest groups in the sector in their decision-making and strategic, operational, marketing and sales processes through:

Banking and finance

Since 2016, autobiz has adapted its big data know-how to the needs of the largest banking players in the automotive sector.

We help captive and generalist banks manage risk and optimise the commercial performance of the car fleets they manage through:

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