Monk and autobiz sign partnership for damage recognition

The aim of the agreement is to combine the advanced image-based damage recognition technology of French start-up Monk with the experience of autobiz, a European leader in the automotive quotation. This product is the result of joint R&D between the two companies.

Damage recognition within reach of smartphone

The partnership between two French tech companies aims to make the vehicle inspection process more reliable and simplify the process of vehicle inspection, within the framework of their takeover at the point of sale or at a distance. Through their partnership, autobiz and Monk will be among the first in Europe to put the power of damage recognition at the service of professionals. The aim is to integrate this technology as effectively as possible into autobiz's trade-in software for truly practical daily use by all professionals in the used car industry.  The solution developed works with a smartphone without heavy and constraining investments in fixed equipment and dedicated spaces. 


Indeed, during a trade-in, the professional has to manage several constraints: be quick and efficient in dealing with the customer, record all the vehicle's costs accurately in order to control repair costs, generate a detailed description to resell the trade-in vehicles more quickly, and finally, calculate the trade-in and resale prices as safely and accurately as possible in order to optimise margins.


In a context where the used car market in 2021 will necessarily be under pressure, making the process of selling used cars more flexible can only help its players in their search for efficiency and thus optimise the time spent in customer relations.


"We are already using artificial intelligence for the automated calculation of trade-in prices with great success.  More than 90% of our point-of-sale purchasing decisions are calculated by our algorithms.  Following an inspection, in a matter of moments, our programs identify the vehicle, value the repair costs, assess the risks of the trade-in, determine the best resale channel, and provide a guaranteed price to our partners.  The addition of Monk's artificial intelligence to our processes will further reduce the time required for an inspection and standardise the cost statements between salespeople," says Emmanuel Labi, Managing Director of autobiz.


An immediate potential of more than 4,500 user points of sale

Through this cooperation programme, autobiz provides Monk with tens of thousands of datasets from its tools, as well as a test platform for more than 100 professional buyers. From the first quarter of 2020, more than 4,500 points of sale and 8 manufacturers who are already customers of autobiz takeover solutions will be able to benefit from this innovation. 


” We’re very proud to announce this partnership with the European leader autobiz that will get Monk’s tech and AI in the hands of thousands of car dealers. Here we demonstrate together that a second-hand car redemption can easily be achieved at distance and at a large scale using our algorithms. Our common project will benefit to multiple remarketing professionals and give them access to the tools we have a design for the industry over the past months, our combined expertise and the autobiz management’s exceptional support are key to Monk’s development,” adds Aboubakr Laraki, co-founder and CEO of Monk.


About Monk

Monk is an AI-based inspection and detection system for car damages. Its solution is based on a ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence technology allowing to detect damages on any car relying on pictures taken by users, renters and/or drivers for a fraction of the traditional solutions price. Monk is working with global industry leaders such as Porsche, Bosch and Getaround.


About autobiz

Since 2004, autobiz has been supporting all the players in the European automotive industry with valuation and trade-in solutions. This support is based on 16 years of data history as well as web, software, and business know-how of the company's 160 employees. Today based in La Défense (92), autobiz also has offices in Berlin, Valencia (Spain) and Milan. autobiz supports more than 15 leaders in used car remarketing (manufacturers, banks, leasers, auctioneers...) as well as 4,500 points of sale in 18 European countries.