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As part of its European deployment, autobiz is now able to locate qualified car buyers for a network of nationwide dealers in Italy. autobiz SA launched at the beginning of February. The company’s office in Milan has already been providing the autobizMarket platform to national automotive dealers since June 2015.

‘Italian motorists now can receive a free valuation of their car and make an appointment to sell it to one of our partners in Italy’, says Emmanuel Labi, executive CEO of autobiz SA.


The launch comes as the Italian car market begins a recovery phase after several years of successive declines. Registrations of new passenger cars jumped by nearly 16% in 2015 to 1.36 million units. The used car market is also growing, by 8% from 2014.


‘We are confident in the success of our car buying program in Italy. Our office in Milan is doing an excellent job and many professionals are choosing to become autobiz partners,’ adds Emmanuel Labi. ‘Our Italian network should be completed by 2017.’


autobiz professionals are located in strategic cities like Modena, Rome, Sora, Perugia, Brescia, Bergamo, Milan, Pesaro, Jesi, Brusnengo, Taranto, Ponte a Egola, Noventa Vicentina and Alpi di Villafranca.


autobiz SA has been exporting its know-how for five years now. Its office in Spain opened in 2012, marking the launch of autobizMarket in the Iberian Peninsula. The company has been matching qualified car buyers with a network of Spanish car sales professionals since the second half of 2015 through its website


This international growth will accelerate in 2016. The autobizMarket platform will be operational in Austria during the first half of this year and in Switzerland in the 2nd half, after Belgium and the Netherlands in 2014.